We get an anxiety attack or two in a day. There is no denying that we all have something going on in life, big or small. It’s not necessarily because of our problems. We can get stressed out because our loved one is going through tough times, or the reason may be related to our loved life. The cause can be anything from school to a job problem. 

Some individuals are very sensitive. Such individuals are referred to as “highly Sensitive Person (HSP).” Highly sensitive people can get stressed over little things. Just frown at them, and they will get anxiety. It’s that easy to trigger their anxiety.

We all want anxiety treatment without medications. No one likes to swallow bitter-tasting pills, and that’s just a minor reason; prescription medications drag along with various serious side effects.

The sad part is that anxiety is not something that affects adults, but it is also very common among teenagers. 

We live in a very progressive world, and perhaps it’s not such a good thing after all. This fast-paced world comes with advanced problems. With tough competition at school and in the workplace, anxiety has become very common in adults and kids.

Below are a few natural remedies for anxiety. Do read till the end and choose your preferred method to carry.

Let’s begin!


Remember, Exercise is a key component of this article. Exercise can reduce your anxiety as well as can bring other positive changes in your body. Working out affects your mood in a very positive way leaving you happier. It makes your skin better, gets the blood flowing in your body. 

Exercise lowers stress hormones in your body, such as cortisol. If you carry on working out regularly, Exercise can help release endorphins that alleviate your mood and relieve pain.

Exercise can increase your confidence. Working-out leads to having a better body and posture. Hence, an increased level of confidence.

You can choose to work out alone, with a partner, at a gym, or home. And if you don’t like exercising the typical way, you can always adapt to another style. The goal is to sweat it out!

Dance if you like or skip rope, cycle, jog, even brisk walk does the deed.

”exercise” is mentioned at the top is; your body can benefit more from working out regularly than get rid of anxiety.

Working out is your simple anxiety treatment at home.

Essential Oils And Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and essential oils are used widely throughout the world by many individuals and spas to relieve stress.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the next time you walk into a spa or a beauty salon, take a deep breath, and you will notice the smell of essential oil like lavender. 

Using essential oils like:

  • Rose
  • Sandals wood
  • Lavender
  • Neroli
  • Geranium
  • Roman chamomile
  • Ylang ylang

It can help relieve stress.

Aromatherapy is not necessary. You can even light up a scented candle. Inhaling the oils can calm your mind and refresh your body. 

You can even buy soaps that contain the essential oils mentioned above that will do the work too. You can even incorporate a few drops with your bath water and watch it work its magic!

Essential oils are your over your anxiety remedy over the counter!

Limit Your Caffeine Intake 

Caffeine: a stimulant found in products like coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, tea, etc.

Most people consume these products to get rid of a headache, get into a batter mood, enhance energy. That is true! They make your mood better, and caffeine does help with your headache and provide you with ample energy to get through the day. But there is a catch!

Caffeine can make you anxious. Some people can not handle their caffeine. On the other hand, some can. In short, caffeine is not for everyone. So be careful with your caffeine intake and don’t consume more than 2 cups a day.

Laugh It Out!

Have you ever come across a group of people just randomly laughing in a park? Well, I have. That spontaneous activity is offered as a “Laughing therapy.”

Laughing relaxes your muscles ad relieves stress. Also, it tricks your mind into thinking you are happy. Simple as that. 

Try laughing therapy. You can call it an excise, and incorporating it into your daily life can boost your immunity in the long run. 

You don’t necessarily need to go out to a park to laugh. Just watch a funny video, read some jokes, or have a lively conversation with your loved ones. 

Laughing is the most convenient method as you can laugh anywhere, anytime! It’s your remedy for anxiety without medication.

Herbal Supplements

Try incorporating natural products and supplements into your diet, such as Kava Kava, CBD, lavender, etc.

These natural supplements for anxiety can be incorporated into edibles, used as oils by rubbing all over your body. Fun part; you can make CBD joints and smoke it up or smoke it up in a vape. Make sure to get the best cbd vape oil.

Try Taking Deep Breaths

Mental stress can trigger your sympathetic nervous system, forcing your body to go into fight or flight mode. It’s either this or that! When this happens, stress hormones start producing and are released in your body, which leads to a faster heartbeat, anxiety, constricted blood vessels, and quicker breathing.

Practicing deep breaths can calm your mind and normalize your heartbeat. There are several types of deep breathing: abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, belly breathing, and paced respiration.

Consider Adopting A Pet

If you love pets, then get one right away!! Having a furry companion can lower your stress levels as they cuddle with you. Thus, making you feel loved and wanted.

Playing with your pet can release a chemical present in your brain called oxytocin, which improves your mood.

Having a pet can keep you occupied. You will need to take care of its needs, which will keep you away from sitting idle, thinking about irrelevant stuff that can stress you out.

Get A Fair Amount Of Sleep

Anxiety and stress can often lead to disturbed sleeping patterns. 

Try going to bed at a specific time every night. Choose sleep over everything else. Also, make sure to switch your phone off when going to bed.

Your phone can be a real enemy when it comes to getting a night of quality sleep. Eight hours of sleep every night is recommended by all medical experts. Also, try to avoid having a large meal before bed. Having a heavy meal before may end up in you waking up tired and bloated.

Keep in mind, sleeping for eight hours is not all. Quality sleep is all that matters.

Bottom Line

Try these tips above to get rid of anxiety. These remedies are completely side effects free. So, feel free to practice these. Choose the one that is the most feasible for you and the one that suits your body the best.

Although natural remedies help with anxiety, know that if your anxiety starts getting out of hand, then consult a medical professional as increased anxiety may need you to get into therapy or take prescribed medications. 

Have a stress free life!