Conversations around sexual health are still considered a taboo but with sensitization cultivated through media discussions on sexual health, Kenyans are slowly beginning to embrace discussions centered on sexual health to stop the pandemic of STDs, STIs as well as HIV.

Here are some sexual health tips you can practice.

  1. Eating healthy: Sexuality and nutrition go hand in hand, that said, in order to have your body at its best, nourish your body with the foods needed according to your absorption of minerals in foods. Avoid low sodium diet intake and fatty foods which are known to reduce energy and expose you to the risk of hypertension.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis: It is essential to develop an exercise routine so we can stay healthy and avoid lifestyle diseases linked to obesity and high cholesterol such as heart disease. Exercise also has a way of improving thinking and memory because of the increased blood flow to the brain thus countering a lethargic feeling in the body.

  1. Avoid smoking: It might be time to shelf away those pricy Cuban cigars and those cigarettes if you are looking for a healthy sexual life. Research has shown that Smoking has been set of challenges in both women and men.  You see smoking restricts blood flow in the arterial walls leading to many conditions in both the male and female genital organs thus reducing the ability to perform normally.


  1. Reduce that alcohol intake: Excessive intake of alcohol overworks your liver and also affects the nerves and the brain. Research has shown that high alcohol consumption can have detrimental effects in both men and women, with women having less enthusiasm towards sexual encounters.


  1. Communicate your preferences to your partner: Sexual health has a lot to do with your communication between you and your significant other. Create an environment where you both are free to touch on uncomfortable topics of conversation. In doing this, an atmosphere of openness is fostered, thus enabling for each party to do what makes them comfortable without feeling the overbearing need to please the other.

Written by Resolution Insurance Head of Care & Medical Advisory, Jemimah Mbugua

  1. Protect yourself: STIs and STDs are on the rise and it is vital to use a contraceptive which prevents against STIs while avoiding unplanned pregnancies. Having regular blood tests done is also another way to avoid STIs.