Air-France KLM group airline expects Available Seats per Kilometer (ASK) among its airlines to go back to 2019 levels from 2024.

This follows an increase in passenger capacity in the second half of 2023 by 8.2 per cent or 24.7 million passengers across its airlines compared to the same review period in June 2022. The percentage increase was at 88 per cent of 2019 levels.

According to the group’s half-year results, as the capacity increased by 8.2 per cent and the passenger traffic grew by 11.6 per cent, the load factor increased by 2.6 points compared to last year, marking a significant step towards the airline’s recovery and growth journey.

With increased passenger traffic, the group saw its net income for the review period grow by 88 per cent to Ksh. 96.04 billion from Ksh. 51 billion registered within the same review period in 2022. The revenues from ordinary activities went up 14 per cent to Ksh. 1.19 trillion driven by a higher capacity (+8 per cent), a higher passenger load factor (+3 points), and a higher passenger yield (+9 per cent).

Moving into 2023, the group seeks to enhance its transformation efforts including fleet renewal and spending optimization to compensate for the inflationary pressure on cost. This will see it decrease its unit cost in the period 2024-2026 year over year against a constant fuel price.