Nowadays life has become so hectic that one rarely has time to just relax and reenergize. However, as the doctors keep saying, rest and relaxation is an important part of taking care of your health. Which is why in as much as I might be having a busy schedule, I always endeavor to take some time out for rest and enjoyment.

When it comes to taking time out for rest and relaxation, people do it differently. There are those who opt to just chill out say in a hotel and not lift a finger during a vacation. Then there are who believe in doing the most during a vacation from taking a road trip rather than flying to checking out the sights and sounds of our holiday destination. In my case, I firmly belong to the latter group who can’t have enough of road trips.

What I love most about road trips is the fact that one gets to discover new places and meet new people on the road not to mention getting new perspectives. When going on a road trip, one of the must haves other than the people and a car is some good music to keep you company while on the road. As they say music is the food to your soul and having some good sound makes a big difference as to whether the trip will be boring or not. To ensure that the party does not stop during stops, it is important to carry portable speakers which can provide good sound and most importantly are rechargeable.

On my frequent travels, I have always had old but handy Bluetooth speaker, however of late I have been noticing that it had started glitching probably due to wear and tear. In as much as I was sad to let it go, I had no option but to get a replacement so as to keep the party going. My search for a replacement led to the LG XBOOM Go speakers which come in a lineup of the PL7, PL5 and PL2 which I absolutely loved.

Here are some of the reasons why I chose the LG Bluetooth speaker over the competition.

Meridian Sound

When choosing a speaker, sound quality is one of the most important considerations one can make. This is because it makes a difference in whether you will enjoy listening to music on it or you regret your purchase. As an aspiring audiophile, I was keen to listen to the sound quality of the various speakers on offer and I can confidently say that the LG XBOOM GO speakers were the best in their class.

The reason why the sound quality in these speakers is so good is because they are made in collaboration with Meridian Audio. For those who may not know, Meridian Audio has a long heritage of producing quality sound equipment having been founded some 44 years ago in the United Kingdom. These guys are so good that they are the audio of choice for car models such as Jaguar, Maclaren, Range Rover among others.

Simply put, when it comes to sound, Meridian Audio are the real deal which explains why the sound on the XBoom is just the best.

The PL7 and PL5 speakers also come with dual passive radiators which ensure that they deliver superior bass performance.

The Sound boost feature also boosts the overall sound power and widens the sound field which can come in handy when listening to music outdoors.


One of the things that people usually fight about when on road trips is who gets to be the Dj. Essentially who gets to choose the music that the rest of the people will listen to. This person can make a trip to be a drag especially if they decide to monopolise the speaker and at the same time play boring songs.

However, this is a thing of the past as the XBoom which comes with an app that enables different people to select the songs to play and to queue them. This means that everybody gets an equal chance to get their music played rather than having to bear with a borefest.


One of the reasons why people love the Bluetooth speakers is that they come with a battery. This means that one does not have to keep charging them all the time which can be tedious. They are also a life saver in the event that you are camping out or even having a picnic in a place without power.

The PL7 which is the biggest in the XBoom lineup has a battery which can last up to 24 hours of continuous play. Not only that, the speaker’s battery can be used as a power bank just in case you phone runs out of juice.

In Built Microphone

There are times when one is busy streaming music from your phone and a call comes through. This usually means that one has to disconnect the Bluetooth in order to pick the phone. It is because most of the Bluetooth speakers don’t come with a microphone to enable one to talk via the speaker.

The guys at LG seem to have listened to your concerns due to the fact that the XBoom comes with an inbuilt microphone that enables you to receive phone calls. This means that when not on the road you can even take to work and use it for a conference call.

Wireless Party Link

This enables one to link up to 100 other XBOOM Go speakers so that one can have an even bigger party. This means that all the speakers will be playing the same song which will allow you to have a disco on that ka road trip.

All in all, I have to say that I am loving the XBOOM Go speakers and I absolutely can’t wait for the next road trip. You can get the speakers at Hotpoint or Opalnet and their retail prices are as follows.

  • PL7 – Ksh. 20,000
  • PL5 – Ksh. 17,000
  • PL2 – Ksh. 8,995