Kenyans not living in the UK can now apply to join the UK Armed Forces


The UK Government has announced that nationals from Commonwealth countries, including Kenyans, will now be able to join the UK Armed Forces even if they are not or have never lived in that country.

Previously, Commonwealth nationals could only apply after having lived in the UK for five years. There was a yearly exception, where only 200 Commonwealth nationals could apply to join the armed forces without the 5 year residency.

All roles and ranks will be open to Commonwealth nationals who are aged 18 or over. The Armed Forces are expected to hire 1,350 new annual recruits. The Army is expecting to hire about 1000 personnel, with the Navy and the RAF recruiting 300 and 50 respectively. The Royal Navy and RAF will begin recruitment procedures immediately, British Army applications will open early next year.

The UK already employs 4,500 Commonwealth citizens in the Armed Forces.

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