In 2016, the Public Service Commission developed the Internship Policy and Guidelines for the Public Service. (You may access a final draft of the policy by clicking here ). The policy provides a framework for engagement and management of internship programmes in the public sector.

Provision of internship opportunities to students, school graduates and the unemployed youth will increase the students’ knowledge of workplace and equip students with vital skills by providing them with on-the-job training that integrates education, career development and work experience.This will create a globally competitive and adaptive human resource base that can match the demands of a growing economy and boost development.

However, Internship in Kenya is a sore point for most young people. In terms of execution it has been implemented in a haphazard manner by various players and without any clear policy structure to provide direction. This is especially common among majority of organizations in the public and private sector who do not follow any policy standards. There are very few organizations who have developed internship programmes with clear guidelines and policies.

The National Employment Authority Act, 2016 provides for a comprehensive institutional framework for employment creation. It proposes enhancing employment promotion interventions, and promoting access to employment by the youth, minorities and marginalized groups. It further provides for placement for internship and monitoring of all placements to ensure that intern’s rights are not violated. The Act therefore provides a solid legal framework for developing and implementing a National Internship Programme in the country.

This internship policy shall apply to both public and private institutions and organizations in the country.