Date a girl who travels because you owe yourself a break from the chain of terrible first dates. A girl who travels may not have been born with a sense of humor but her journeys have brought happiness to her life and she will share that warmth with you. Of course she will talk about her travel escapades but you need not worry as she’ll keep you interested. Besides, a girl who travels will save you from silent lapses or awkward topics like exes or sex which are unsuitable for the first date.

If you love her stories about the places she’s been to or how she tells them, and you will, then you can have a second date. A third and fourth too- because there’s no end to the stories until you become a part of them. There won’t be need for her to retell them then, but even so, you’ll love that you built memories and shared the experiences with her. Life with her will be like a beautiful journey and you’ll grow to see the sun rise in her eyes when she wakes up. As you watch the sun set arm in arm, you will know that the branches nodding in the breeze are nature’s approval of your love.

A girl who travels knows how to listen too, because she can almost describe the waves of the sea enough for you to hear them. Or the creaking sound of branches that are about to give in. She will take a back seat as she listens to you and with time she can tell from your tone if you’re not okay. You can bet that she’s a wonderful cook so she’ll make you something nice to lift your spirits. And prove right the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Date a girl who travels because she knows how to survive on a backpack; to live with little. She will mean it when her wedding vows include for richer, for poorer because she has made do with only essentials during travel. A girl who travels appreciates the value of the small things that make life meaningful. She knows the value of joy in pain, however little or hard to come by it may be. When the rains lead to a bountiful harvest and the barns are full, she knows how to be grateful too. The great wonders and graces she encounters as she travels have humbled her and she’s a believer in the Creator of the Universe. She’s been to that point when she knows so much but still realized there’s so much else to know and feels like she knows nothing at all.

You will look forward to birthdays and holidays if you date a girl who travels. By being with her you will know the places she longs to travel to and you will gift her with ease on such days. A girl who travels is a collector and she will appreciate an addition to her souvenir collection too, however tiny. You, on the other hand, will get a watch from Dubai on your anniversary and maybe tickets to watch a match at Old Trafford. A girl who travels will know how to get to your heart with more than just food.

A girl who travels knows how to love and if she loves you as much as she loves the best of nature, then you ought to put a ring on her finger. Just in case you think she’s not THE ONE, then date her still because she knows how to let go. Even after being treated like a princess on that holiday by the beach, a girl who travels has learnt the art of moving on. She will miss the amazing sunsets and the sound of the strong waves hitting rocks by the sea won’t leave her for a while, but a girl who travels leaves when she has to.

And you want someone like that by your side, because if fate holds that you two aren’t meant to be, you can move on without bruises. But in case fate just needs to keep you apart so you know how much you need to be together, you need someone who can pick up from where you left the first time. So yes, by all means, DATE A GIRL WHO TRAVELS :-).