It is difficult to dispute that gambling is one of the most established businesses online. With the advent of internet and tech revolution, rather than we players go to the casino, the casino tables have found their way into our living rooms. Supported by the dedication and innovation of the game software developers, we experience advancement each year, and 2019 is not any different. It even gets better. 

Here are the trends that have been witnessed in the online casino industry this year:

Live Casino

Flashlights, spinning roulette and jubilant players are characteristic of the brick and mortar casino. But you can now experience all these at the confines of your home, provided you have a set of gadgets to stream the casino events. 

In live casino players participate in casino games that are currently happening within a brick and mortar casino. Popular games include baccarat and blackjack. With the live dealer option, you can play against other online casino players wherever they across the world. You can even interact with them on the table. What’s more, the live option includes a variety of games, giving the same exhilarating experience, just like the traditional casino.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality casinos, unlike the live dealer ones, physically don’t exist but are created by the software to mimic the actual casinos. The events on VR look and feel extremely real, even though they aren’t real. The technology creates an impression of a casino, offering virtual games exhibiting the same gaming experience as the actual ones. VR is difficult to tell from live games. 

In 2019, there has been the introduction of interactions between virtual gamblers. This has made the games more social and enjoyable.

Blockchain Technology in Online Casinos

Delays in payment processing, lack of transparency and compromised privacy all describe the state of the online gambling industry a few years ago. However, in 2019, the Blockchain technology seems to have found its right footing in this industry. Blockchain in gambling is helping the industry overcome many challenges and increase efficiency. And with the governing bodies finding it difficult to control online casinos, blockchain technology appears to be the guardian angel. 

Advantages of blockchain include;

Anonymity: The technology has an anonymity feature such that players are not required to give personal information when conducting transactions. It is, therefore, virtually impossible for hackers from accessing gambler’s data. As a player, your gambling habit remains your own business.

Openness and reliability: The technology, through Provably Fair games, makes it impossible for casinos to cheat. The authenticity for each result of a game can be tested for randomness. 

Payment Methods: Blockchain-based digital currencies have taken the world by storm because they are fast, safe and secure. Cryptocurrencies are now popular payment system, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin leading the way.

Decentralization: Blockchain-based casinos provide full democratization of the gambling process. You can access casinos without geographical restrictions.