“There is something wrong with my Sony camera as I can’t seem to find a few of my pictures that were stored in it. Can someone tell me how to do photo recovery on digital cameras?”

This is a common query that a lot of people have about the sudden loss of photos and videos on their digital cameras. While it might seem like an adverse situation, you can actually resolve this. To get your pictures back, you need to perform camera photo recovery by using a reliable tool. In this guide, we will help you restore pictures from your camera by using a secure and functioning data recovery tool.


Wondershare Recoverit Photo Recovery: The Best Camera Photo Recovery Tool

Recoverit Photo Recovery Software is undoubtedly the best solution to recover deleted pictures from your digital camera or DSLR. Apart from that, you can also perform picture recovery on your SD card, USB drive, external hard disk, or the internal partition of your system. Since the basic version of the software is available for free, you don’t have to spend a single dime to recover deleted pictures. With it, you can recover up to 10 photos of any size for free.

You don’t need any prior technical experience to learn how to restore pictures with Recoverit Photo Recovery. The tool is easy to use and follows a simple click-through process. It can recover all kinds of photo, video, and audio files in every leading format. Here are some of the major pros of Wondershare Recoverit Photo Recovery.

  • The free version of the tool can recover up to 10 files of any size and different formats without spending anything.
  • It supports all the major photo formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, RAW, PSD, CRW, and so much more.
  • You can preview the retrieved photos on the native interface of the software and later restore the data of your choice to any location.
  • The tool can recover pictures on the system’s internal hard disk or any other external source like USB drive, SD card, cameras, memory card, etc.
  • It can provide excellent results in all kinds of data recovery scenarios. Some common conditions that it supports are accidental photo deletion, virus attack, corrupt storage, device crash, and so on.

How to restore pictures from camera?

With the help of Wondershare Recoverit Photo Recovery, you can perform camera photo recovery like a pro. Firstly, visit its website and install Recoverit Photo Recovery on your Windows or Mac. If you want to recover more than 10 files, then you can buy a premium version. You can install it on macOS X 10.8 or newer versions and Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, and 10.

Step 1: Connect your camera or SD card

To begin with, launch recovery software on your system and connect your camera or SD card to it. You can unmount the SD card from your camera and connect it to your computer. Also, you can directly connect your camera and use it as a USB storage unit. Now, select its drive from the home screen and click on the “Start” button.

Step 2: Scan the selected location

The tool will start looking for any lost or deleted photos on your camera or SD card. We recommend waiting for a while and not closing the application in between to get positive results.

Step 3: Restore your photos

When the camera photo recovery process would be completed, you will be notified. You can preview the photos on the interface and select the ones that you wish to get back. In the end, click on the “Recover” button and save it to any secure location (other than your camera storage).

Tips to Manage your Camera Photos

If you don’t want to lose your camera photos again, then consider following these suggestions.

  • Only connect your camera to a trusted computer. By connecting it to a public computer, you might end up getting malware on it.
  • Instead of connecting your camera, you can unmount its SD card and connect it to your system.
  • Keep an SD card solely dedicated to your camera. Don’t switch it between your camera, phone, or any other device.
  • When you are not using the camera, keep the lid of your SD card in the upward direction (write-protected) to keep the data safe.
  • Always maintain a timely backup of your camera photos. In this way, you can retrieve your photos from a second copy in case of an unexpected data loss.

After following this guide, you would be able to perform camera photo recovery like a pro. As you can see, anyone can learn how to restore pictures using Recoverit Photo Recovery without any technical background or spending a lot of time. The free version will let you recover up to 10 photos. Therefore, you can keep the tool installed on your computer as it might end up saving the day during an unwanted loss of camera photos.



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