Singles in the Wild Day Trip with Turnup Travel; Dec 1 2018

Singles Day Trip to Hell’s Gate with Turnup.Travel on Saturday, Dec 1 2018.

It’s coming to the end of the year and perhaps one of the things you had planned was to meet someone special but then life zooms by and voila, it’s December again!

If you’re sorted, stay loyal and forward. Sharing is caring!

We see travel as a great opportunity to connect people and transform your dreams into beautiful memories. We welcome you to a themed day trip for single people to mingle and connect with other curious, open-minded travellers.

For only Ksh 5,000 per person

Includes professional photography to frame your memories plus lots of surprises.

Why now?

4-6 weeks remaining before some of us to go back to the village and explain why we are still single.

Call 0724215977


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