Legally Insane; July 27-29

LEGALLY INSANE transforms the theatre space into an institution of the mentally ill. Ian (Gilbert Lukalia), the dictatorial family patriarch, is a resident patient here. Having learned that the grown up children he thought as his are not, he goes off the rails.

Muthoni (Mwikali Mary), his dutiful and submissive wife realizes that if Ian divorces her and writes off the children from his will, she loses everything. She hatches a plan to have the power of attorney in his multimillion business empire transferred to her. For this to happen, Ian has to be certified as clinically insane. She brings along their ‘son’ Junior (Mwaura Bilal) who has an estranged relationship with Ian in the hope that his presence sets Ian off and aids her plan.

Hannington (Nick Ndeda), Ian’s long time driver is only too willing to help Muthoni. A constant presence in Ian’s ward, he ensures the old man is none the wiser.

Will Muthoni’s machinations succeed? Will the psychotherapist sign the papers that lead to Ian’s confinement?

LEGALLY INSANE is created and directed by Mbeki Mwalimu, produced by Masuti Mwalimu and written by Justin Mirichii. The stage manager is Ruth Red Nyamwathi


  • Location: Alliance Francaise
  • Date and times: Friday 27th @ 7pm, Saturday 28th @7pm and Sunday 29th at 3pm and 6pm
  • Advance tickets by July 26th @1000/= and @1200/= at the door. Students @800/=. Buy via M-Pesa Till number 588379 or by calling 0722232059/ 0207852031/0782232059
  • Tickets also available at Asanand music shop, 8to8 mall, Moi Avenue and Alliance Francaise.
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