More and more people prefer going on private tours to holiday destinations, because they get a personalised holiday package, along with the services of a local guide. If you are planning on going to Prague for your holidays, then you must surely check out the private tour options that are available.

Prague is a very popular tourist destination in Czech Republic like no other. It is a old city with a lot of historical significance, with Vltava River flowing right through it. You will see plenty of monuments, statues, bridges, and gothic churches, which will give you a glimpse of medieval times.

Why choose a local to guide while in Prague?

If you choose to explore Prague with a local guide, then you will be able to discover a lot of local gems, which will otherwise stay hidden from you, if you travel like a regular tourist. 

Now, you can also check out the profiles of the local hosts online, and select one of them to become your guide during your Prague holidays. Just visit the website of Withlocals Tours, check out the profiles of their hosts, and then inform them about your choice. They will make the services of that particular local guide available to you, during your holiday visit. 

If you wish to get the real taste of local Prague food, then you can also go on Prague food tours. Your local guide will plan your trip as per your liking, giving you plenty of opportunities to eat the foods, exactly like what the locals do.

Prague is definitely the place that you must visit, if you are fond of seeing ancient architecture. Some of the buildings in the city are centuries old. They look beautiful even to this day, after having withstood the time and weather for centuries. 

You will also love the Fairytale Tour of the city, where your local guide will show you all the popular castles and neighbourhood. The beauty and glamour of those amazing monuments and structures of Prague will leave you speechless.

Prague has special places to offer for those who love nature. You can choose private tour to visit all the scenic places in and around the city. Some of the popular places for nature lovers are the Bohemian National Park and Bohemian Paradise. You can actually visit both the places on a day tour. You will enjoy becoming one with nature, while your local guide efficiently takes care of all your needs.

Some of the best private tours of Prague that you must experience:

Ancient Jewish Cemetery:

This Jewish cemetery is one of the most significant historical place in Prague. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest Jewish cemetery in the whole of Europe. You will be amazed at some of the old graves in the cemetery, where the oldest one dates back to 1439. When you go on a tour to this amazing spot with a local, you will get to know a lot about the Jewish history in Europe. Definitely a must-visit place for of those who love history.

Old Town of Prague:

If you are in the mood for a ghost tour, then you must visit the old town of Prague. It is a really old town, and has so many secrets hidden within it. You will also learn a lot about the dark medieval history of Prague. Some of the places to visit our there are the Saint Nicholas church and the Astronomical Clock. 

There are so many ghost stories and legends associated to the place, while some believe that the ghosts still walk on the cemeteries. Even though the entire ambience of the place is spooky, your local guide will know which places are safe for you to visit. They will make sure that you visit your hotel safely after having a spooky ghost tour.

Prague-Hollywood relationship:

Prague features in many of the popular Hollywood movies line The Illusionist, Mission Impossible, Bourne Identity, and many more. You can take a walking tour and check out the amazing landscapes where these popular movies were shot. Your local post will plan your walking tour and show you all those places.

Apart from the above mentioned tours, you can check out the District Tour at Mala Strana, and the delicious food tours in the city. You will get to taste the authentic local foods and also the home-cooked foods, as per your choices.