The sports betting industry has grown into a global phenomenon. People from all corners of the globe place bets, and events are covered from every corner too.

We have traditional betting countries, and other new environments that are becoming a part of things.

These together have helped create the global platform we see today. With people betting all over the world, there is a diverse group that bookmakers have to cater for.

The only thing that is going to do is to increase the level of service we see from them. This should see new leagues and competitions added as they look to please everyone, and their service is only going to get bigger.

For those who like to bet, this is very good news indeed.

USA Market Beginning to Take Shape

The last area of the world to accept and legalise sports betting was the USA. They are now on the path to bringing sports betting to the masses, with 17 states currently offering their people the chance to bet.

This is opening up the possibility of legal betting to millions of people. We have seen the major US leagues covered by bookmakers for a very long time, and now their citizens get the chance to wager on them.

The expectation is that in a couple of years from now, most American states will have sports betting available for citizens.

With more customers around the world, bookmakers are going to have a larger income, and more money to spend on enhancing their product. While you may not be located in the USA, if you are a gambler, having US states offering betting is going to be good in the long run.

Established UK Bookmakers Taking Their Service Around the World

The UK has a long-established relationship with betting and their bookmakers are some of the biggest companies anywhere in the world.

We are seeing these take their service to other parts of the world, in order to boost their reputation. Bookmakers in the UK have welcome offers for new customers and after seeing how popular they are in the UK, they have taken these offers elsewhere.

This is helping newer areas pick up an excellent and established betting service straight away, rather than waiting for local bookmakers to improve their own service.

The US market has seen this, with big companies such as William Hill and Paddy Power building offices in the USA and adding their sportsbook services in as many states as possible.

African Sport Seeing a Boost Thanks to Bookmaker Coverage

Betting is now popular across many parts of Africa and that has also given a boost to local sport.

We are seeing local African sports, such as those in Kenya, receive attention and coverage from bookmakers. While African customers want to bet on worldwide events, they do want some local coverage.

The bookmakers offering this certainly have an advantage when it comes to attracting customers. Like those all over the world, big leagues and local competitions are what most people want.

This has resulted in some African football leagues finding gamblers from all over the world watching them. With in play betting and even live streaming in some instances, anyone with a betting account can access African football if they choose to.

Even though people are only watching the league for betting purposes, the fact is that people are watching and taking an interest in African football. While this continues, it is only going to be a positive for African football, and something that could potentially see money coming into the sport.