Kuany Kuany might not have been on the radar of many of our readers over the years, but he has certainly been on the radar of many sports teams around the world. This young man, who was born in Kenya and spent a significant part of his life here before moving to Australia and then to the USA, has been an exciting basketball prospect for many schools around the US. Many schools have been hoping to get him to join their teams, as he has been showing himself to be an extremely talented basketball player, but also a great potential student in general. He already started displaying his great potential in Australia, where many had started keeping an eye on him, and he was invited to join the Kuany Kuany foundation, which promotes basketball to troubled youth in Australia as a way to assist them in finding the better things in life. Let us examine his life up to now and see how he has managed to become such an interesting prospect for so many universities, and what we can learn from him, in order to maybe get a chance as he did.

Born in Kenya, raised in Australia, living for the game

Kuany Kuany was born in Kenya, and after spending the first several years of his life here, he went on to live in Australia. Spending most of his adolescence there gave Kuany Kuany the chance to play his favorite game – basketball. According to Kuany, it was not as easy as it sounds. Most of the adults and kids around him seemed to have different interests. Many of them spend a lot of time playing video games, while others dedicated long periods of time to playing VIP casino games online. Still, others had other interests, with some preferring to party and slack off. But Kuany Kuany had a love for the game that not many shared, and this love drove him to play and practice every day. In order to be able to do so, he had to spend a lot of time at school, and in the offtime, he had to spend a lot of time with the Kuany Kuany foundation. While the foundation shared his name, it was founded by a different man, also from Kenya. He assisted Kuany in playing whenever he needed and practicing whenever he wanted. Together, they managed to forge Kuany into a player that would impress the world with his skills.


After Australia, Kuany Kuany moved to the USA, where he finished high school while still playing basketball the whole time. He was able to use the skills he built up in Australia to impress his coaches and, conversely, recruiters for basketball teams from different colleges around the country. And as he approached the end of high school, he got a large number of offers from many colleges around the country. With the deadline for the final choice approaching, he has picked out the three final schools he is thinking about playing with.

The most important choice of his life

It is incredibly important for a student-athlete to make the decision of where they are going to be going to or their college years. These are the years that will be defining the career of the player, as they are closer than ever to the professional leagues. Here they get the chance to display their true skill against other highly skilled players. This is where they meet some of the greatest coaches in the world, receive the best advice on how to play and get trained to become even better at the game than they ever could have been on their own. Which is why the consideration is always made carefully by the players.

The final decision for Kuany Kuany involves a lot of mulling over, but it seems that he will be announcing his final decision in a few hours. He has identified three finalists for his decision: Cal, Washington State, and Nevada. All three are highly respected universities in their own right and have incredibly efficient basketball programs with connections across the industry. All of the schools have produced some of the most respected and world famous NBA stars. Although Cal has a certain range of advantages, such as the proximity to some of the best players in the world.

We cannot be making any specific predictions, nor can we be making any specific recommendations. Whichever he makes, it will be one that is best for him and probably one that is right for him, which is why we will support any of his decisions. A Kenyan born basketball player making a big name for himself in the world of Basketball is not a surprising story, and it is not a unique story, but it is one that we are still proud to be able to tell. Kuany Kuany had to travel a lot to get where he is, and in order to achieve his dreams, he had to get a lot of help from people around him. Kenyans help each other in Australia, and in the end, the product is that of greatness. The journey might have seemed long and a little disheartening at the time, but thanks to his dedication and hard work, Kuany Kuany was able to achieve the title of a three-start forward and have the choice of going wherever he wants, for as long as he wants.

We wish him good luck and we hope that throughout the games he plays, he will remember that he could not have gotten where he is without being hard working and without being thankful o the world for the opportunities he had and the help he had.