In the history of the internet, no other single factor ever caused a similar dramatic reaction amongst all types of online business activities as the introduction of the smartphone. The ease and convenience provided by ever more powerful and user-friendly mobile smart devices created an unmatched public demand for online entertainment. This saw the online entertainment industry react with similar levels of enthusiasm and fervour to consistently deliver an ever-greater number of continually improving products and services, at the time the greatest public attractors being online casinos and sportsbooks.

This gave rise to a rapidly growing, uncontrolled mushroom industry that saw the launch of numerous new entertainment formats and venues, unfortunately with some operating on less morally upright values than others. Forward thinking industry leaders saw the long-term future potential of the industry and were quick to see the damage caused by a few selfish, short-sighted individuals operating untrustworthy gambling venues responsible for bringing the industry as a whole into disrepute in the as yet uncontrolled online environment.

At the time they became the industry guardians, self-tasked with protecting the values and reputation of a budding new online gambling industry. These self-appointed protectors soon became the early sponsors for instituting several globally recognised, strict, reputable self-regulatory bodies run by highly-experienced insider-experts of the industry to institute and implement a new standardised, globe-spanning ruleset responsible for enforcing a tightly controlled fair and just environment which compelled most online gambling entertainment venues to toe the line.

Since then all gambling entertainment operators have to conform and adhere to strict industry standards ensuring all licenced, regulated, and certified online casinos and sportsbooks created a safe, secure, and fair environment wherein all players and punters could enjoy themselves.

However, due to a few morally questionable operators always on the lookout to fleece some unsuspecting victim posing an easy mark and the free essentially uncontrolled nature of the internet, it is still highly advisable for newcomers to online gambling to benefit from the experience of others. Other such as online affiliates specialising in the assessment and rating of the thousands of online casinos and sportsbooks currently in the market, one of which can be found here at , and in addition to a providing a huge list of personally vetted online sportsbooks and casinos, they also serve to offer excellent guiding advice to market newcomers and experts alike.

Today in 2019, 2.71 billion people throughout the world own smartphones, with the total number mobile broadband subscriptions reaching a new high of 7.9 billion. In 2018, smartphone sales reached 1.56 billion and smartphone users generated 52.2% of the world’s website traffic via the almost 10 billion mobile smart devices currently in use, all contributing to the 194 billion mobile app downloads in 2018.

This year 14 million people have jobs causally linked to the mobile industry. Statistics show in 2017 people used mobile smart devices in 72% of all internet searches compared to 28% for desktops, with Google producing 96% of all internet search results. Online entertainment statistics, particularly regarding online gaming, will generate an expected revenue exceeding $180 billion with the mobile market contributing at least $70.3 billion in 2019 which constitutes more than 50% of the 2018 market share.