Did you know that every vacuum gets designed to handle a specific task? Do you have a pet that keeps on shedding their hair? A regular home vacuum wouldn’t be up to the task to clean effectively. It’s why you must think about investing in a robot vacuum for pet hair. It will do a perfect job of cleaning after your pet’s shed hair. Choosing the ideal robot vacuum can be an uphill task. However, relax and take a deep breath! Below are some fascinating tips for selecting the perfect robot vacuum for pet hair that you must know; 

1. Strong suction 

You need to find a robot vacuum that has an ultra-strong aspiration. You can go through the various robotic vacuums as you check for this unique feature.

It will enable you to pick the ideal robotic vacuum that will not fail you when it comes to cleaning after your pet’s hair. 

2. Anti-tangle roller brushes 

To find the best Roomba for pet hair, you must select one that has anti-tangle roller brushes. It’s because manufacturers have spent the better part of their time coming up with this technology. 

Robot vacuums that use this technology are better at handling pet hair than ones without roller brushes. It will also enable you to spend less time and effort in maintaining the vacuum. 

3. Dustbin capacity 

The dust compartment or the dustbin size ought to be a key factor while you are out searching for the best robot vacuum. 

A bigger dustbin requires a more significant vacuum to accommodate it. You ought to know there’s always a trade-off between the product’s functionality and the overall size.

Moreover, a large dustbin capacity for pet owners is a celebration. It means one would spend less numerous time while emptying it. It’s also a chance to ensure that an enormous volume of pet hair gets cleared at a go. 

4. HEPA filters 

You ought to get a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. It’s a filter that traps enormous, as well as tiny particles. It also prevents them from escaping into the air upon cleaning.

A robot vacuum with such a filter is essential, especially if you have family members suffering from air-born allergies. The filter traps dust mites, pollen, mold spores as well as other microscopic nasties. Thus, you can become assured of the safety of your entire family household. 

5. Size and profile

The robot vacuum’s agility is an essential feature. If you possess a piece of furniture that sits off the floor, the pet hairs might get blown underneath. It can be hard to reach these areas. 

Thus, you must look at the vacuum’s height. You have to select a  robot vacuum that can fit underneath your furniture with ease. Always remember the trade-off between capacity and size.


If you are searching for the best Roomba for pet hair, you don’t have to break the bank to acquire one. You need to keep the above tips in mind to find what suits your budget.