Majority of people love traveling. Whatsoever be the category of the population be then for one or the other reason they do travel. Some for the business, some for fun, and some for adventure. These days air travel has been made possible even for a common man. 

Some time ago, air travel was merely a dream for the usual person, but from last few years, the rise in the number of inexpensive airlines has made this thing affordable for every human. Speaking of Airways, Kenya Airways is facing some issues or downfalls from last few months. It has been in the headlines of the controversies section.

The airway is making regular efforts to retrench six hundred workers so that they can improve the business. It has also come under the radar that some of the workers were taking advantage of the allowances. By the way, the issues like reservations have always been out of the sight of some globally known other airlines.

Every airline has a different set of reservation policies. Similarly, the policies of United Airlines flight reservations do vary in some respects from Kenya Airways or American Airlines or Etihad Airways, and from et al. too. 

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Resignation of Mr. Sebastian Mikosz

The CEO of the Kenya Airways will be stepping down prior to his tenure of a three-year contract as per Bloomberg. Mr. Sebastian Mikosz also found quoting that he is has made up his mind to cut down his contract term and decided to step down from the CEO post for personal reasons. 

When Kenya Airways went under the loss of six billion shillings in the month of March 2018 from the record earnings of 26.2 billion shillings which were done two years earlier to the loss, while the downfall is happening the rivals are trying their best to overtake the former, though this aspect is entirely reliable on gaining government consents to be the operator of Nairobi Air Terminal.

The resignation letter of the CEO has been accepted by the Airway, and the board of members has begun to look for the other personality for the chair. The man has firm faith in the recovery of the KQ.

As per royalty, the national government holds 48.9 percent ownership. Air-France KLM likely shares the 7.8% of minor shares. On Friday, the value of shares rose from 5.2% to 3.63 shillings in the local share market, accounting to 5.4 billion shillings.

The Question of Survival

According to Reuters, the airways will aid the ministry if it builds up the mind in nationalizing the airways is unsound for its future period. A poor expansion drive and a crack in the backbone of Kenya Airways air travel lead to reframing two billion US dollars of debt to safeguard the firm.

The last year idea of the cabinet which they placed around the table was that handing over of the management the profits of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi to the very Airways. All these efforts were put to firm the balance sheet so that dewy planes can be bought some fresh routes can be opened.

But the whole idea was rested in peace by the parliament’s transport committee.

What Chairman Michael Joseph said was that the committee is onto finding the alternative for the revival of the airline.

Another statement he made was that they are coming up with some sort of aviation holding which in future would earn complete ownership by the state.

By the way, James Macharia from Kenya’s ministry did not respond in any manner.

KQ (Kenya Airways) which at the current position has 41 aircraft tend to increase ints wings of the fleet and want to come up with dewy routes so that they can come into the competition of Airlines next to Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates.

But the affirmative statement of Joseph contends the locals that with a loss of 7.59 billion shillings state intervention is must bring the airways back into the business.

Air Terminal bid failure results in the proposal of State-Run Entity

The alternate options have been offered the lawmakers of East African countries, which does contain the partial nationalization of KQ, after the rejection of JKIA.

Check this reevaluation policy. The reevaluation of the land perhaps shows the result in a period of the month.

The KQ airline is upfronting to work under the state-owned holding firm just after the poor handling of the airline and a bid loss to gathered run with the nation’s primary air terminal. 

The Verdict

At this time the airline is running under some critical period. But as per the promises of Chairman Michael Joseph, everything will come to its original state, in fact, if the cooperation is done the condition will improve at a drastic rate. 

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