Are you an aspiring Salesforce administrator? Performing tasks such as customization, configuration, and user management on Salesforce Trailhead requires high-level skills. You must also have knowledge of features as well as capabilities of this solid platform. And to help you become an expert in performing administration tasks in Service, Sales, and Collaboration Clouds, here is a guide to introduce you to all the requirements you’ll need to comply with. 

This article gives you the detailed information of the Salesforce ADM-201 test and why passing it with exam dumps is important to you.  

Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Important Details

Now, ADM-211 assessment enables candidates who pass it to obtain the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. The target of the exam is to ensure you understand the features, functions, and capabilities of the Salesforce platform. You should also be in a position to perform maintenance tasks at this platform in your organization, respond to requirements that are common to business, and carry out administrative functions while utilizing its features.

The Salesforce Administrator exam, Prepaway ADM-201 by code, carries 60 multiple-choice items plus five unscored questions to be cleared within an allotted time of 105 minutes. The passing score for ADM-201 test is 65%, while the cost for taking it is $200, above the taxes according to local law.

Why Passing Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Is Essential?

As you have understood already, the focus of the exam is on administration. So, why should you pass this prolific test? Here’s are a few well-considered reasons.

Taking It Enables You to Get Certified

First ofall, you’re going to get qualified with Salesforce Administrator badge once you achieve the passing score in the test. The certification will efficiently serve as evidence of your administrator skills being your advantage as you seek for a job. 

Gaining Coveted Administrator Skills

The intention of the exam is to equip and then test your capabilities in carrying out specific tasks on the platform. This means that by passing the test, you will demonstrate your mastery of all the skills required. It implies your proficiency in the following objectives specific to ADM-201 exam:

  • Organizational and user setup
  • Security as well as access
  • Applications for sales as well as marketing
  • Standard as well as custom objects
  • Applications for service and support
  • Data management
  • Activity management as well as collaboration
  • Dashboards and analytical reports 
  • Workflow automation 
  • AppExchange
  • Administration for mobile and desktop

Enhanced Job Opportunities

Employers prefer working with individuals who have the right skills and who can help them smoothly achieve their goals. Without a doubt, the Salesforce Administrator certification is a boost to your CV. It is one of the factors that potential employers consider when searching for new talents, here is why you just need to present this credential and start working right away!

You Become Dependable Administrator

However, to effectively perform their Salesforce admin role, holders of this badge will first demonstrate the possession of appropriate skills. The exam prepares them to manage specific tasks by ensuring their proficiency in marketing and management. 

With the skills obtained in your preparation for the exam, you’re going to be an employee who can be relied upon to provide qualitative service at work which is going to earn you trust and respect from your employer as well as your peers.

You Develop Confidence

Here, the skills you gain as you prepare for ADM-201 exam enable you to become more confident when approaching your job assignments. This ability to work effectively and provide value at your working place will also make you rely more on your competence. This level of confidence will help you perform at an optimal level bringing impressive results to your company. 

Certification Means Better Pay

Once you prove your administrator capabilities in using the Salesforce platform, no employer would hesitate to pay you what you deserve. Your skills will surely attract better wages to you as long as you can prove them with this Salesforce Administrator certification. The latest salary report on PayScale indicates the Salesforce administrator’s annual salary can go up to $97,000, whereas the average pay for such administrators per year is $66,889. Thus, passing this ADM-201 exam opens a door to enjoying a maximum number of bonuses.

Equips You with Vendor-Based Training

The ability to control administration in IT comes with the valid skills you have. These capacities are gained through your knowledge and work commitment you obtain when preparing for the exam with the Salesforce. Importantly, besides having completed Trailhead trails and a training course, as well as the individual studying on the exam domains, you also should consider learning with exam dumps to enhance the knowledge you’ve gained.

How Can Exam Dumps Help You Pass Salesforce ADM-201 Test?

So, you’ll need to know the best exam dumps that ensure you have the right knowledge for passing ADM-201 test. 

This is where Salesforce Administrator dumps allow you for practicing in what you’ve learnt by introducing you to the style of the exam tasks, what’s most likely to be included in the test, and the useful tricks to apply when answering exam questions. 

Hence, get helpful ADM-201 exam dumps from to pay the required attention to your test preparation. For instance, have a look at its ADM-201 Premium Bundle which will employ an accompanying video course together with 1072 questions and answers for your test. 

Another tactic to use in passing this exam involves utilizing the free Salesforce ADM-201 exam dumps for this test coming uploaded by the recent test takers. 


Enjoying the benefits of being an expert in your area is something to look forward to which is why Salesforce administrators are among leading professionals in the field of IT administration. If you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned, you ought to ensure you’re well-prepared for this great ADM-201 assessment. 

This can only be possible through the use of qualitative study materials like exam dumps that will create a high probability of earning good grades in the test and so, getting Salesforce Administrator certified!

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