The Nairobi Polo Season came to a close on January 28 and 29 with the highly anticipated Chairman’s Cup.

The tournament, held at the Nairobi Polo Club, saw a tightly contested final between Team Radio Africa and Team Tusker Malt, with Team Radio Africa coming out on top with a 8-7 victory. Simon Muchene of Team Tusker Malt, playing off Handicap 0, took home the tournament MVP trophy.

The event saw a full turnout both days both in the clubhouse stands and at the lively Tusker Malt Social experience area. On Sunday, the event also showcased the latest fashion trends from Luxe Bros and Luxe Ladies, both catering for men and women respectively.

Fashion designer and co-owner of of Métis, a premium Kenyan menswear boutique commented on the fashion showcase, lauding Tusker Malt for giving them the opportunity to showcase their premium looks to a premium crowd, stating, “I am grateful for the platform we have been given this January at the Polo club. I look forward to partnering with Tusker Malt in the future and furthering their foray into the Kenyan fashion space.”

Outgoing Nairobi Polo Club Chairman Raphael Nzomo expressed his gratitude to the sponsors for making the January polo tournaments a success. Nzomo encouraged the crowd to keep the same spirit going during the regular season, which starts in May, and to support the Kenyan polo team in upcoming international games and tournaments.

As a partner of the Nairobi Polo Club, Tusker Malt once again demonstrated its dedication to supporting and promoting sports in Kenya.