Nokia was one of the first mobile phone brands to enter the Kenyan market in the early 2000s. During this time, it earned itself a cult-like customer base thanks to its high-quality devices. At that time, Nokia was the go-to phone for anyone who wanted a mobile device. Almost everyone had the Nokia 3310 which has now become a collectible item.

Nokia has maintained the same high standards throughout the years. It has a wide range of smartphones including the Nokia C1 and Nokia 1.4, which launched in the country early this year. The devices were well-received proving that Nokia is still a popular brand in the region. HDM Global also announced 6 new devices – the X10, X20, G10, G20, C10, and C20 – which are expected to enter the market this month.

Here are some things that people love about Nokia.

1.Good Battery Life

One of the most important features of any smartphone is its battery life. Since many people rely on their phones to carry out their day-to-day activities, it’s important to have a device that can stay on throughout the day. Nokia devices come with a good battery life that can last for several days without charging. In fact, Nokia promises that their new G-series phones can last up to 3 days while the X-series and C-series can last up to 2 days and 1 day respectively. This is thanks to an optimized operating system and phone settings that allow you to manage your battery life.

2. Timely Updates

Outdated software can  make your phone prone to hackers and other security threats. However, with Nokia, you don’t have to worry about such as the company prides itself on rolling out software and security updates regularly. The new X-series and G-series devices will receive security updates monthly for 3 years while the C-series devices will receive updates quarterly for 2 years. Therefore, consumers can rest assured that their devices are safe thus building more trust in the brand.

3. Durability

It seems like Nokia phones are indestructible. Ever since their introduction into the market, this was one of their most distinct quality. They’re known for their tank-like build and they’ve maintained the same high-quality standards to this day making their devices some of the most durable in the market. Their latest devices have gone through tougher durability tests than the industry average to ensure that they live up to Nokia’s reputation.

4. Value For Money

If there’s a brand that gives you value for your money, it’s Nokia. You get exactly what you pay for whether you opt for the more affordable devices or the high-end ones. They all come with competitive features that set them apart from other Android devices. For instance, Nokia devices operate on 100% stock Android. This ensures that their devices have optimal performance and no bloatware which can be annoying in some phone brands. It’s also more user-friendly since the devices don’t have redundant applications that can be confusing to navigate.

5. High Safety Standards

Though many consumers overlook this feature, phone safety standards are important to note. We use our phones for prolonged periods. Therefore, it’s necessary to use a phone that has high safety standards.  Nokia phones are one of the few phones in the market that barely heat up during usage. They’re also some of the lowest radiation-emitting smartphones. This allows consumers to use the phone comfortably without worrying about their personal safety and health.